Huertas is a community-based food access project that facilitates the planting of kitchen gardens (huertas) on rural dairy farms with Latino migrant farm workers and their families. The farm workers’ extremely busy work schedule combined with Vermont’s rural landscape and harsh climate conditions make access to food, especially culturally familiar and fresh food, very difficult. The Huertas team, along with the help of our supporters and volunteers, hopes to bridge this gap during the summer months while building relationships and community with the farmworkers, their families, our team, our supporters, and our volunteers.

Huertas trabaja con los trabajadores agrícolas Latinos y sus familias para establecer, diseñar, y sembrar huertas con verduras, frutas y hierbas culturalmente familiares que quieran cosechar y comer. La combinación de un horario extremadamente ocupado, el aislamiento de las zonas rurales de Vermont y el clima severo, crean un obstáculo para el acceso a comida de muchos trabajadores y sus familias. Además, en Vermont no hay muchas de las comidas ni sabores que son familiares para alguien originario de un país Latinoamericano. La meta de Huertas es promover y facilitar el acceso a la comida fresca y culturalmente familiar y a la vez, crear una comunidad con los trabajadores, sus familias, nuestros voluntarios y los aliados que nos apoyan.


Here are some good reads if you want to learn more about the topic and community we work with:

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  • “Cultivating Food Sovereignty Where there are Few Choices” By Dr. Teresa Mares, Naomi Woclott-MacCausland, and Jessie Mazar


  • A summary of a lecture by Dr. Teresa Mares at Yale by Blake Thorkelson


  • UVM Food Feed Blog, “Transplants: The Value of a Garden in an Uprooted Life (Transplantes: El valor de un jardín en una vida desarraigada)” By the Huertas team


  • UVM Food Feed Blog, “Who Picks Your Tomatoes? Rethinking the Rights of Farmworkers” by Huertas team member, Elena Palermo


  • UNAM’s Magazine, Voices of Mexico, “More Than Money: Understanding Farmworker Food Security” by Dr. Teresa Mares 


  • The Guardian, “My undocumented friend: Carlos does the work that few in Vermont want to do” by Terry J. Allen